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How fantastic would it be to have a unique image of yourself in a beautiful yoga pose? Learn how to prepare for your yoga photography session beginning with a pre-shoot email. Each photography yoga class is specifically designed to work on all aspects of a pre-chosen yoga pose. From your wrists to your toes, your arms to your legs, you will build strength, increase flexibility, and gain an understanding of proper alignment, resulting in a beautifully crafted pose for your fine art photography session.

Your yoga photography session includes:

-Pre shoot detailed email on how to get ready for your yoga photo session

-One-hour yoga class to prepare you for your yoga pose

-A professional photography shoot

-A unique one of a kind signed original 8x10 print Janet Trost has been a photographer for over 30 years. Her photos grace the walls of many homes and offices throughout the world.

July 9th 6-8pm Tree & Eagle

July 16th 6-8pm Warriors I & II

July 23rd 6-8pm Crow

July 30th 6-8pm Low Lunges

Limit 6 people per session - Investment: $65


Private lessons are a great way to learn amazing movements designed for your body. Through developing methods of proper alignment you will engage mussels that are not being used. This insight will help you work with your body, find your edge, and grow within your yoga practice safely. Each class ends with a relaxing sound bath meditation.

Please bring water, and good energy!

By appointment only Limit 1 per class

Investment $35.00 1 Hour and 15 minute session


Enjoy being barefoot on a bed of grass and clover. Experience the connection of planting your feet and feeling the earth’s heartbeat; a place where you can revitalize, rejuvenate and receive healing energy from the earth. Work through a series of balanced yoga moves with breath and intention. Learn techniques you can practice in your own back yard or the next time you visit a beach. Being connected to the earth lowers blood pressure and anxiety. A crystal sound bath will complete this practice.

Please bring a towel, water bottle, hat or sunscreen and good vibes!

Thursdays June - July - August 7:30 – 8:45pm

Limit 8 per class Investment - $10


In this class, we will be practicing a series of specific movements and postures with breath designed to build and strengthen core muscles. Balancing poses naturally engage and activate core muscles that are essential for good posture and for protecting the low back. Balancing also helps improve focus, concentration and memory. Come stand on ONE foot with me!

Please bring your mat, water bottle, hat or sunscreen and determination!

Thursdays June - July - August 7:30 – 8:45pm

Limit 8 per class

Investment - $10

I first discovered yoga 20 years ago and having explored it deeper, I have come to realize it is a true passion of mine. This has led me to complete my training as an instructor as I believe that growth comes from the willingness to challenge ourselves. I find myself humbled and inspired everyday guiding my students who dive deep into themselves to realize their remarkable limitless potential. In my teaching, I use traditional Hatha Yoga as a tool to promote health, wellbeing and youthful energy. My emphasis is placed on proper alignment, balance, and breath work, making my classes challenging yet accessible. I encourage my students to work within the boundaries of their body, to love themselves, and help them incorporate modifications to fit their personal practice. I offer outdoor classes in the summer from the dedicated yoga space in my backyard. I also provide private lessons. My gratitude extends to all of the amazing people who have inspired me along my journey.

Janet Trost

Yoga Instructor, Life Student, Photographer

I started my yoga journey 23 years ago and continued on to become a yoga instructor. Following two car accidents, several health related struggles and a diagnosis of C-PTSD, I have found tremendous healing through gentle yoga, mindfulness and meditation practice. In my classes, I focus on mindfully connecting body, mind and breath, particularly sensitive to those with mobility issues and those who suffer with PTSD. As a life long learner, I have attended many courses in CBT, CPT, DBT skills, Reiki and Reflexology. In my previous career, I was a high school teacher specializing in teaching children with special needs. My approach is gentle, calming and I use loving, compassionate practice to help those working through difficulty. My winsome personality and wit will have you laughing, and my soothing energy will have you leaving my classes rested and relaxed. Be prepared to bliss out.

Diana Meskauskas

Yoga Instructor, Health & Wellness Enthusiast, Super Proud Auntie

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